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How the WebOrion™ Monitor works

The WebOrion™ Monitor helps you ensure that your website remains secure and available to your visitors, so that you don’t have to keep reminding yourself to check on your website every day. A proactive monitoring solution helps you to manage this, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business instead.


How it works

The WebOrion™ Monitor periodically monitors your website for changes using our patent pending image analytics engine. This is a seamless process that does not require any configuration on your part, as the WebOrion™ Monitor is able to inspect web pages as though it were a real visitor.

Each time the WebOrion™ Monitor inspects the web page, a screenshot of the page is taken. It then compares the screenshot with previously captured screenshots to calculate various similarity metrics aggregated in terms of a percentage. If the percentage change surpasses the threshold amount, you will be notified via email immediately.


Selective monitoring

If you change the contents of your website frequently, you may be receiving frequent email alerts about changes detected on your website. This may be a problem if your website is automatically updated with new content every day (such as a news site).

To solve this, you can select only certain regions to be monitored, and the WebOrion™ Monitor will not alert you about changes detected outside of these regions.

All users can make use of this Selective monitoring feature, and Basic plan users can select up to 2 rectangular regions to be monitored. To select additional regions, you may wish to upgrade to a higher plan.


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