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We provide CISOs, Security Managers, Webmasters and SOC Providers with a unique Web Security Stack that secure their critical websites and web applications against various cyber threats with 24×7 agentless Monitoring, one-touch Restoration, Protection using our Web Firewall(WAF) and Acceleration using a global Content Delivery Networks (CDN).


Leverage on our global content delivery network to instantly give your website a boost in performance


Secure websites and web applications through seamless inspection and intelligent filtering


Continuously examine your websites and its elements from tampering and defacement


Enables a swift restoration of a defaced website to ensure the integrity and presence of an organization on the web

What's Web Security?

An important website requires more than just https security.  A strong web security stack defends your site from many kinds of cyber threats such as defacements, OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, card skimming attacks, data breaches, DDOS and more. 

The Benefits Of Web Security

A strong web security ensures your company’s online presence and reputation is well protected.  Our WebOrion Stack provides the comprehensive cyber defence to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your website.  This includes a Web Firewall (WAF) to filter out many cyber attacks and our 24×7 agentless Monitor ensures you are alerted to any unauthorized changes. Our Restorer acts as a last line of defence to swiftly restore your web frontend presence in any unfortunate security incidents.

Proven and Reliable

Defending Many Websites With Our WebOrion Platform


Webpages Monitored

1.4 Million+

Webpages Checked Daily


Webpages Replicated


Unique FQDNs Defended

Use Case

Use Cases

Defend your critical websites and web applications against modern cyber attacks including defacements, card skimming attacks, data breaches, OWASP Top vulnerabilities, malicious script injection, DDOS and more! Partner with us to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Compliance of your website!


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