WebOrion® Monitor provides an instantaneous, agentless and continuous way to monitor all your websites for many hacks including defacements, tampering of HTTP headers, javascripts, TLS certificates and DNS/Whois changes. Our high-fidelity approach in monitoring your website, using our powerful and innovative engines, provides you with a high level of assurance and reliability.

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Comprehensive and AI-Powered Capabilities

Proactive 24×7 Remote Monitoring

Our Monitor can be set up easily in minutes with no need for agent installation. It will proactively poll your webpage round the clock to give you greater assurance that your website’s confidentiality, integrity, and reputation are intact in front of your customers and partners.

Platform Independent

Our Monitor supports websites hosted on-premise or in the cloud. We also support any web technology stack including popular Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, Magnolia, Sitefinity, etc.

Automated with Integrated Response

Our Monitor can be integrated with our Restorer to provide a one-touch or automatic failover to a temporary Secure Replica to preserve your online presence and branding.

Our Unique Features and Engines

AI-Powered Plus Many More

Our Monitor has many advanced and patent pending features to provide the most powerful and granular options for websites and web applications.

Content Analytics

Analyzes HTML source code (e.g. page title, links and frames) to determine if the webpage has been modified

Automate Integrity Analytics

Analyzes HTML source code (e.g. page title, links and frames) to determine if the webpage has been modified

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Our Unique AI Engine runs advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) models that were trained from >10years

Image Analytics

Besides code and file checks, our Monitor also renders the webpage as an image to do advanced pixel analysis.

Javascript Malware Detection Engine

Our Malware Engine checks for the presence of well-known card skimming and cryptojacking javascripts

SSL/DNS/Whois Change Monitoring

Our Monitor tracks any changes to the DNS and Whois configurations of the website

Payment Page Monitoring

Our Monitor can be programmed to monitor important payment pages to prevent card-skimming attacks

HTTP Header Monitoring

Our Monitor will scan regularly for any change or tampering of the HTTP Headers. This includes checking for CSP and HTTP

SSL/DNS/Whois Change Monitoring

Our Monitor can also provide the continuous monitoring of the script inventory from inline, first, second, third and fourth party

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The Best Defense is Good Cybersecurity

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Flexible Deployment Models

Cloud SaaS Subscription

Fast and Easy Deployment

Near instantaneous on-boarding with a Cloud SaaS account

Highly scalable to support thousands of websites or URLs all over the world

Share hosting provides optimal costing and speed of deployment

Cloud VPC or On-Premise

Dedicated to your environment

Packaged as a virtual appliance that can operate as a virtual machine (VM) or docker container

Can be deployed in any VPC in your public cloud (including AWS, Azure, Google, Huawei, etc)

Provides data sovereignty and security settings customized to your environment

Monitoring Solution

High Level Network Architecture

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