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Don’t let instances of website defacement or unauthorized changes damage your brand reputation! Stay aware of potential vulnerabilities and take timely action to avoid loss of customer trust.

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Want to effectively protect your website from web threats that can disrupt business operations?

Has your website experienced instances of website defacement or unauthorized changes?

Do your existing monitoring tools provide insufficient visibility and leave you unaware of potential vulnerabilities?

Looking to avoid extended website downtime due to a slow post-incident restoration process?


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Webpages Monitored

1.4 Million+

Webpages Checked Daily


Webpages Replicated


Unique FQDNs Defended

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Protect against hackers changing the look and feel of your main webpages and ruining your digital reputation.

Web Threat Detection and Response

Beyond antivirus and firewalls,add comprehensive Protection, Monitoring and Response capabilities to your security operations teams to defend critical web applications.

Protection against OWASP Top 10

Defend your websites against OWASP Top 10 threats in a simple and cost effective manner.

Card Skimming and Payment Page Monitoring

Protect against magecart and card skimming attacks by monitoring your javascripts against tampering.

PCI-DSSv4 Compliance

Achieve compliance to new requirements in version 4 (such as HTTP header and payment script monitoring) in a faster and more effective way.

Web Software Supply Chain

Track and inventorize your first and third party scripts and web technologies to manage the risks to your software supply chain.

SSL Certificates and TLS Monitoring

Track the validity and changes to your certificates and ciphers used.

DNS and WHOIS Monitoring

Hackers can tamper your DNS and WHOIS settings which will affect the look and feel of the website and possiblly redirect customers to the hackers’ site.

Unleash Security Insights: Harness WebOrion for Cyber Forensics & Incident Response

Our platform allows you to unveil every line of change, empowering you to safeguard crucial details and preserve digital evidence

Elevate Your Website Security: Proactively Detect Abnormalities with Precision

With WebOrion Monitor by your side, you can relax knowing that your website’s security is fortified with round the clock, 24/7 monitoring. Experience proactive defense and shield your online presence from evolving threats.

WebOrion®: Real-time Web Monitoring and Rapid Restoration Solutions


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We at Cloudsine are the trusted provider of advanced website security solutions

At Cloudsine, we provide a comprehensive and innovative solution to address your business challenges head-on. Our solution is designed to empower your organization and propel it towards success. Partner with us and leverage our expertise to unlock the full potential of your business. Engage our services today and let us help you overcome challenges, strengthen your online security, and achieve sustainable growth.

Complete Web Protection with WebOrion® from Cloudsine

WebOrion® consists of two components: WebOrion® Monitor is a SaaS product that provides near real-time monitoring of websites for defacement, unauthorized changes, malicious scripts, SSL/DNS/Whois issues, and downtime. WebOrion® Restorer is another SaaS product offered by Cloudsine. It automatically creates a secure replica of the customer’s website and provides seamless integration with different technologies for one-click restoration.

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