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Threat Detection — Catch website defacements, malicious Javascripts and other web security hacks!

With over 50,000 websites being hacked on a daily basis, protecting your website from hacks and defacements is even more important in today’s world to maintain your customers’ trust in your application.

WebOrion® Monitor provides an instantaneous, agentless and continuous way of monitoring all your websites for many hacks including web defacement, tampering of HTTP headers, javascripts, TLS certificates and DNS/Whois changes.

Using our powerful and innovative engines, together with the capability to provide real-time alerts, our high-fidelity approach can provide you with a high level of assurance and reliability.

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Configurable engines, with highly advanced AI option, are carefully designed to detect changes due to web defacement, malicious code, third-party Javascripts, malware, and more. Unique and Intelligent baseline process automatically differentiates dynamic and static parts of your website, allowing more effective web monitoring with minimal false alerts.

defacement monitoring

Proactive 24×7 Website Remote Monitoring

Our Monitor will proactively poll your webpage round the clock to give you greater assurance that your website’s confidentiality, integrity and reputation is intact in front of your customers and partners.

web defacement monitoring

Platform Independent

Monitor works well with both on-premise or cloud hosted websites and web applications. We also support any web technology stacks including popular Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

web defacement

Automated with Integrated Response

Our Monitor can be integrated with our Restorer to provide complete incident response in the unfortunate event of a hack.

Our unique features

Our Monitor has many advanced and patent pending features to provide the most powerful and granular options for websites and web applications. There is no software or hardware installation and all that is required is the URL of your website and the contact personnel.

website defacement

Content Analytics

Analyzes HTML source code (e.g. page title, links and frames) to determine if the webpage has been modified when checked against the baseline version.

website defacement monitoring

Automated Integrity Analytics

Auto-analyses the webpages to identify first and third party files such as images and cascading style sheets(CSS) to check for changes to filenames and contents. The unique linking and checking of third party files are typically not covered by locally installed file integrity solutions.

artificial intelligence Engine - monitor website changes

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Our Unique AI Engine runs advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) models that were trained from >10years of defaced data to classify HTML Text contents for defacements.

check website

Image Analytics

Besides code and file checks, our Monitor also renders the webpage as an image to do advanced pixel analysis.

monitor website changes

Javascript Malware Detection Engine

98% of websites used javascripts today. Our Malware Engine checks for the presence of well-known card skimming and cryptojacking javascripts which may be invisible to regular website visitors. High severity alerts will be triggered upon detection of any such malicious scripts.

ssl - monitor defacement

SSL/DNS/Whois Change Monitoring

Monitor will check regularly for any changes to the DNS and Whois configurations of the website. Any changes will cause alerts to be sent to the users.

Payment Page Monitoring

Our monitor can be programmed to monitor important payment pages to prevent card skimming attacks (eg. Magecart) or other forms of payment hijacking.

HTTP Header Monitoring

Our Monitor will check regularly for any change or tampering of the HTTP Headers. This includes checking for Content Security Policy (CSP), HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on the monitored websites.

Web Software Supply Chain

Our Monitor can also provide the continuous monitoring of the script inventory from inline, first, second, third and fourth party scripts that will affect the look and functionality of the website or web application.

Website Monitoring Features Overview

High Level Network Architecture of WebOrion Website Monitoring Solution

website monitoring solution - high level network architecture

Flexible Deployment Models

Our WebOrion® Monitor is available in multiple deployment options to meet Mid-market and Enterprise customer needs. This includes cloud based SaaS subscriptions, on-premise physical appliances or virtual appliances that can be deployed on VMWare, dockers or cloud AMIs.

Enterprise SAAS

WebOrion® Cloud (SaaS)

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Enterprise on-premise appliance

WebOrion® Appliance

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