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Threat Response and Recovery- Automate Your Response Playbook!

Graceful Website Restoration After a Hack!

In the unfortunate event that your website has been hacked, do you have an easy incident response plan to restore it back to normal? Be very careful with doing a simple backup and restore because your backup could contain the same security vulnerabilities? >50% of web defacements are re-defacements!

WebOrion® Restorer allows you to swiftly perform a website restoration using a Secure Replica while you work backend to investigate – all done in a straightforward and effortless way.

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How WebOrion® Restorer Can Benefit Your Organisation?

Zero Server Footprint

No software agent is required to be installed on the webserver.

Gain More Control

Simpler website restoration allows faster reaction to a defacement and protection of the organisation’s web reputation.

Manage Your Replicas Easily

This feature allows the creation of Secure Replicas based on both ad-hoc and scheduled basis. Customer can also preview and choose the most appropriate replica for each website.

Unique Secure Replica Creation

Our Restorer uses a patented process to create a Secure Replica that can restore the front end web presence and yet prevent the site from being hacked a second time. The Secure Replica is an elegant temporary website that is programmed on Day 1 to have certain functionalities disabled to prevent a second hack but preserves the look-and-feel of the original site to preserve the company’s web presence.

Seamless Failover

Live web traffic can be programmed to failover to the Restorer in the unfortunate hack to the main web server. This buys the web and security team precious time to investigate and clean up the original web server while preserving the web presence for the business or organization.

Automation and Tight Integration with Security Infrastructure

The Restorer can be tightly integrated with existing security infrastructure such as DNS, load balancers, CDNs or firewalls. Automation can be programmed such that the failover can take a few seconds in the event of a hack or main website outage.

High Level Network Architecture (SaaS)

restore website - high level network architecture

Flexible Deployment Models

Our WebOrion® Restorer is available in multiple deployment options to meet Mid-market and Enterprise customer needs. This includes cloud based SaaS subscriptions, on-premise physical appliances or virtual appliances that can be deployed on VMWare, dockers or cloud AMIs.

Enterprise SAAS

WebOrion® Cloud (SaaS)

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Enterprise on-premise appliance

WebOrion® Appliance

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