Our Unique Web Security Stack​

An integrated platform to Protect, Monitor, Restore and Accelerate your critical websites!​

WebOrion® Monitor

Even though we strongly believe in our security products, the reality is that no website will be completely immune to threats.

The WebOrion® Monitor serves as your last line of protection against attackers from defacing your site, by alerting you via email as soon as we detect any potentially malicious changes made to your website, so that you can rectify the site as soonest as possible.

WebOrion® Restorer

The WebOrion® Restorer periodically creates a secure replica of your website and saves it as a collection of static web pages. In any incident of a hack, failover to the secure replica can be performed within seconds.

Restore your brand reputation and your customers’ confidence while you focus on incident response without a single minute of downtime.

WebOrion® Protector

The WebOrion® Protector provides complete protection against the OWASP Top Ten threats, bad bots, ransomware attacks, web shell uploads, and well-known vulnerabilities in popular CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.).

Optimized for speed and minimal false positives, the WebOrion® Protector provides all-in-one defence without a single minute of downtime.

WebOrion® Accelerator

The WebOrion® Accelerator leverages on our global network of edge servers to serve your website’s content to your visitors in the fastest possible manner.

The WebOrion® Accelerator also uses intelligent caching algorithms to help you save costs on your bandwidth and boost the performance of your website at the same time.

Website Monitoring Features Overview

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