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Simple. Comprehensive. Adaptive.

Protecting your website requires a continuous process to ensure an adaptive security mechanism to counter new cyber threats that constantly evolve. WebOrion® is designed in alignment with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Cybersecurity Framework to provide a full coverage of security lifecycle. WebOrion® Security Suite is the industry’s comprehensive and methodological approach of integrating all the essential security components in a tight configuration.

Our Philosophy

We believe in having a holistic approach to securing your web identity. Having seen many customers get hacked and not being able to recover quickly, we want to change this with the 5 components in our Web Security Loop:



The first step in securing websites is to conduct a thorough review to identify security loopholes. This can be done via scanning tools, and applying the relevant software upgrades and patches.



A web application firewall (WAF) should be put in to protect the website. WAFs are able to detect and block common web application attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injections.



A proactive monitoring mechanism will allow the organization to act quickly before external parties discover the security breach.



Organizations need to have an incident response plan in the event of an attack, which includes mechanisms on backing up and securely restoring their web presence.



After the web presence is restored, the organization should once again carry out a security review. Website security is best achieved if it is viewed as a continuous process.

What is WebOrion® Security Platform?

Our WebOrion® Security Platform(WSP) is a set of core technologies designed and built internally by our team of security researchers and engineers over many years to provide the next generation of cutting edge technologies to deal with latest cyber threats. It is made up of patent pending components such as our Content, Integrity and Image Analytics Engines, Secure Replica Creation engines, high speed WAF engines and next generation machine learning and security analytics engines. The WSP is built to be powerful, highly scalable and flexible enough to integrate with 3rd party components using API gateways.

Building on the core technological foundations of WSP, we have developed WebOrion® Enterprise and WebOrion® Business that caters to different segments of customers. WebOrion® Enterprise has more enterprise centric features such as role-based access control (RBAC), federated dashboards, integrations with SIEM and on-premise features. WebOrion® Business caters to small and mid-sized businesses that want an easy-to-use, flexible and affordable self-service portal.











Simple, comprehensive & adaptive web security approach for small and mid sized businesses.

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