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Secure Replica Restoration

Automatically restore a secure, static replica of your website in any event of a hack. Prevent downtime and restore your brand reputation.

Defend Against Ransomware

When a ransomware attack hits, there is almost no chance you will get back your encrypted files from the attacker, even after payment. Stay ahead of such attacks by having a prevention plan.

Respond Swiftly to Attacks

When an incident occurs, organisations are typically either forced to bring their website offline, or to leave hacked websites up while they investigate. Why not restore your website to a known, secure state?

Bulletproof Replica

The replica website will work as well as the real one, free of vulnerabilities and does not touch your web server or network at all.

The Ultimate Insurance Policy

Sleep better at night knowing that should any incidents occur, you can put your trust in your secure backups available anytime of the day.


WebOrion® Restorer

The WebOrion® Restorer periodically creates a secure replica of your website and saves it as a collection of static web pages. In any incident of a hack, failover to the secure replica can be performed within seconds.

Restore your brand reputation and your customers’ confidence while you focus on incident response without a single minute of downtime.

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