WebOrion® Accelerator

Leverage on our global content delivery network (CDN) to instantly give your website a boost in performance and save bandwidth costs.


Globally Available Points of Presence

Reach out even faster to customers by leveraging on our global network of edge servers close to every major city in the world.

For an even greater outreach, the Bespoke plan includes CDN servers in premium regions (South America, Australia).

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Intelligent Caching and Compression

Our high performance edge servers help to offload the serving of requests and content to your visitors. However, without proper caching mechanisms, your web server may still be a bottleneck.

The WebOrion® Accelerator optimizes its performance by using intelligent caching and compression algorithms, ensuring that your websites are served quickly around the world.

If your website needs it, customizable caching behaviours are available on the Bespoke plan.


IPv6 and HTTP/2 Ready

Deliver content even faster to your visitors by leveraging on the latest HTTP/2 protocol, which is designed to offer enhanced performance and web security through HTTPS.

Using the WebOrion® Accelerator also automatically enables IPv4 + IPv6 dual stack support on all your websites. As the days of IPv4 are ending, it is good to support both protocols today.


Mitigate DDoS Attacks

The WebOrion® Protector works together with the WebOrion® Accelerator to stand in front of your web server, regardless of DDoS attack size. We disperse traffic within our globally distributed and stop attacks at the edge, so that your web server remains safe from attack.

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Complete Feature Comparison

Static content caching
Static file compression
Cache purging
Data transfer included per month 10 GB 200 GB 2000 GB
Additional costs per GB US$1/GB US$1/GB US$1/GB
Global CDN network
Edge servers located in United States, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, India.
Additional premium CDN network regions
Premium edge servers located in South America, Australia.
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