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Use Cases

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Defend your critical websites and web applications against modern cyber attacks including defacements, card skimming attacks, data breaches, OWASP Top vulnerabilities, malicious script injection, DDOS and more! Partner with us to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Compliance of your website!

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  • Anti-defacement

    Protect against hackers changing the look and feel of your main webpages and ruining your digital reputation.

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  • Web Threat Detection and Response

    Beyond antivirus and firewalls, add comprehensive Protection, Monitoring and Response capabilities to your security operations teams to defend critical web applications.

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  • Protection against OWASP Top 10

    Defend your websites against OWASP Top 10 threats in a simple and cost effective manner.

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  • Card Skimming and Payment Page Monitoring

    Protect against magecart and card skimming attacks by monitoring your javascripts against tampering.

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  • PCI-DSSv4 Compliance

    Achieve compliance to new requirements in version 4 (such as HTTP header and payment script monitoring) in a faster and more effective way.

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  • Web Software Supply Chain

    Track and inventorize your first and third party scripts and web technologies to manage the risks to your software supply chain.

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  • SSL Certificates and TLS Monitoring

    Track the validity and changes to your certificates and ciphers used.

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  • DNS and WHOIS Monitoring

    Hackers can tamper your DNS and WHOIS settings which will affect the look and feel of the website and possiblly redirect customers to the hackers’ site.

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