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Web Content Monitoring

Detect unauthorised changes on your website and protect your brand reputation from defacements. Don’t wait till your visitors do.

Defacement Monitoring

There were almost 1 million website defacements in 2015, with more than 50% of them made to the home page. Don't let your website be one of them.

Prevent Reputation Damage

A defacement to your landing page will be likely to jeopardize your customers' trust in your organisation. Protecting your website is even more important in today's world.

Detect Non-Visual Changes

Defacements can be either visual or non-visual, such as black hat SEO defacements which can hurt your search engine ranking. Your website might be defaced without you even noticing it!

Real-Time Alerts

Receive alerts as and when unauthorised changes are made to your site. Monitor your website as frequent as every minute.


WebOrion® Monitor

Even though we strongly believe in our security products, the reality is that no website will be completely immune to threats.

The WebOrion® Monitor serves as your last line of protection against attackers from defacing your site, by alerting you via email as soon as we detect any potentially malicious changes made to your website, so that you can rectify the site as soonest as possible.

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