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WebOrion® Cloud (SaaS)

WebOrion® Cloud is the easiest way to run WebOrion® Monitor and Restorer for your website. No installation is needed in your infrastructure to start monitoring your website with WebOrion® Monitor on WebOrion® Cloud. WebOrion® Cloud is designed to be highly available and scalable, thus allowing you to scale your monitoring requirements seamlessly. If your website is accessible from the public internet, WebOrion® Monitor on WebOrion® Cloud will be able to monitor your website, and WebOrion® Restorer will be able to replicate and generate a secure replica, just as a regular visitor will be able to visit your website.

For restorer: In the event of a defacement, failover can be performed by changing the DNS records of your website to that of the restorer.

Integration with your SIEM

WebOrion® Cloud is able to send Encrypted Syslog to your SIEM of choice. We are also able to integrate with Syslog connectors for various SIEMs. Contact us for more details.

Public Cloud

For customers with specific requirements, it is easy to integrate WebOrion® into a new or existing Public Cloud deployment.

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