WebOrion® Monitor

Our unique web content monitor uses patent pending technologies to monitor your website 24/7 against threats such as website defacement.


Visual Defacement Monitoring

The WebOrion® Monitor uses a patent pending image analytics engine to periodically take screenshots of your website, monitoring either specific regions or the entire page for visual changes made to your site. Detect website defacements immediately as it happens and respond to incidents swiftly.

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Content and Integrity Monitoring

The WebOrion® Monitor also uses a content analytics engine and advanced integrity engine to aid the decision-making process to quickly and reliably determine if your website was defaced.

The content analytics engine and advanced integrity engine are only available on the Bespoke plan.


Intelligent Baselining Process

The WebOrion® Monitor uses an intelligent baselining process to effectively whitelist regions of a page to be monitored and identifies elements that could potentially lead to frequent false positives. You will be in control of the entire baselining process so that the monitoring process will be seamless from day 1.


Proactive Alerts and Notifications

The WebOrion® Monitor monitors your website for changes periodically, with intervals as frequent as every minute. Should a change be detected by the WebOrion® Monitor, you have the option of receiving alerts via email, SMS and/or webhooks.


Flexible Deployment Models

Let WebOrion® suit your organisation’s security and compliance requirements. The WebOrion® Monitor can be deployed through cloud-based SaaS, as an on-premise appliance, or even as a virtual appliance.

Additional alert options include syslog, SNMP traps and other custom log collectors for on-premise and virtual appliance deployments.

How the WebOrion® Monitor Works


Content & Integrity Baselining

The WebOrion® Monitor will first perform a baselining process multiple times to identify both static and dynamic elements on the page to be monitored.


Drag-and-Drop Region Selection

The WebOrion® Monitor also allows you to select specific regions of the web page to be monitored, giving you the power to manage and exclude dynamic portions of your site from monitoring.


Real-Time Alerts

Should a change be detected and determined likely to be an unauthorised change, you will receive alerts via email, SMS and/or webhooks as soonest as 1 minute after the change.

Note: The Content & Integrity Baselining step is applicable to Bespoke plan customers only.

Easy to Use and Configure

Check out a quick demo of the WebOrion® Monitor’s image analytics engine in action.

Complete Feature Comparison

Basic Business Bespoke
Web page monitoring by URL
Number of web pages monitored 1 10 25
Additional costs per web page monitored US$1/mth US$1/mth US$1/mth
Monitoring check frequency Every hour Every hour Contact us
WebOrion® Image Analytics Engine
WebOrion® Content Analytics Engine Optional add-on
WebOrion® Integrity Analytics Engine Optional add-on
Email notifications
SMS notifications Optional add-on
Custom notifications (e.g. webhooks) Optional add-on
Contact us Contact us Contact us

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