WebOrion® Restorer

Secure replication and backup of your website without the hassle. Instant website restoration in any event of a hack.


Secure Web Page Replication

The WebOrion® Restorer intelligently crawls and creates a copy of every page on your website, stripping out potentially vulnerable parts while maintaining the look and feel of most of the website. This ensures that when your website is restored to the replicated state, your website and web servers will be safe from any vulnerabilities.

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One-Click Instant Failover

Trigger a restoration of your website to a secure replica at any time within the WebOrion® Restorer web portal, which will take effect instantly. No custom software or hardware installation is required on your web server.


Integrates with WebOrion® Monitor

The WebOrion® Restorer integrates natively with the WebOrion® Monitor, allowing you to swiftly respond to defacements by restoring your original web presence automatically when a defacement is detected. Ensure zero downtime and maintain your brand reputation regardless of attacks.

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Flexible Deployment Models

Let WebOrion® suit your organisation’s security and compliance requirements. The WebOrion® Monitor can be deployed through cloud-based SaaS, as an on-premise appliance, or even as a virtual appliance.

Additional alert options include syslog, SNMP traps and other custom log collectors for on-premise and virtual appliance deployments.

How the WebOrion® Restorer Works



On day one, the WebOrion® Restorer will crawl your website to identify all pages to be replicated.



The WebOrion® Restorer will then create a static copy of all the pages to be replicated, after one-time manual verification and confirmation.



The WebOrion® Restorer then automatically creates secure replicas of the original website, stripping away any potential security vulnerabilities.



Once the replication process is complete, you can view and verify the replicated site in your browser through our web portal, as well as deleting or triggering new replications any time.



In the event of a defacement, the WebOrion® Restorer serves your secure replica to your visitors instead of your defaced website. This can be performed either through one-click failover or through integration with the WebOrion® Monitor.

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