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Joint Webinar with ST Engineering

WebOrion Team had collaborated with ST Engineering to organise a webinar titled, “Website Defacement Monitoring: Securing Your Digital Business in the New Normal “on 26 November 2020.

Lim Han Chin, Division Manager, Managed Security Services and Director, Cybersecurity Operations from ST Engineering began the webinar by highlighting the impacts caused by web defacement as well as some insights and statistics. He then went on to share some effective preventive measures against web defacement.

Bridget Huang, Enterprise Sales Leader conveyed how WebOrion© suite of website security solutions map to NIST’s Web Security loop to provide a comprehensive and methodological approach website security.

In particular, WebOrion© Monitor latest engine, Javascript Malware Detection engine which was launched in Nov 2020 and help detect malicious Javascripts, was highlighted alongside with WebOrion© existing engines (content, integrity and image analytics). She also explained how WebOrion© Restorer can work together with WebOrion© Monitor to provide a quick countermeasure in the event of website defacement and to prevent re-defacement.

For the last section of the webinar, Laird Winata, our Head of DevOps presented a live product demo of our WebOrion© Solution. During the live product demo, he revealed refreshed UI and shared best practices for website defacement monitoring and how WebOrion© Monitor and Restorer integrate together for prompt detection and response to a defacement attack

For a free trial of our WebOrion© solution and our latest Javascript Malware Detection Engine, please contact sales@cloudsine or talk to our sales team.

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