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Website is your Important Digital Front Door. Defacements imply a loss of reputation and lack of security

Defacement is a common type of cyber attack where hackers have compromised the web server and replaced the customer’s website with the hacker’s own logo, message or graphic. The reputational and business impact of this is especially significant to government, banks and enterprises. It also implies the lack of security and there could be deeper security loopholes in the organization.

Protect against Defacements

Our Protector is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that can add an important layer of security to block out attackers. Do not let your website be naked and defenseless in the internet world!

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Proactively Monitor For Defacements

Our Monitor will proactively check your website 24×7 and has a unique AI engine that classifies if the changes to your website is a defacement. You get alerted of any unauthorized changes before others are aware of it!

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Be prepared for Incident Response and Restoration

More than 50% of defaced sites are re-defacements. Do not just restore your website with backup systems as those could also be vulnerable. Work with us on a robust and graceful measure to respond to incidents and restore your web presence with our Secure Replica technology!

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Protect your websites against Defacements!

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