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Strengthening Cybersecurity in the ASEAN Region: WebOrion’s Exciting Partnership with TechDirect To Uplift Web Application Security for Mid-Markets, Enterprises and Governments

“We are truly excited about partnering with TechDirect and Truvisor to help innovative companies in ASEAN have a more comprehensive security posture for their online presence. Many companies have protection but lack the threat detection and response capabilities for web applications. Our WebOrion Security Stack offers a unique platform to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and compliance of critical websites. The partnership is a win-win-win for all as we continue to expand this mission to uplift web application security for all.” Matthias Chin, Founder and CEO, Cloudsine Pte Ltd

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding online assets and maintaining a secure web presence has become paramount for businesses worldwide. WebOrion©, a leading provider of web cybersecurity solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with TechDirect, a respected regional partner, to bring the powerful WebOrion Security Stack to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing cybersecurity across the region and fortifying web defences against defacements, injection attacks, card skimming and other web-based hijacking attacks.

“The partnership with WebOrion marks a significant milestone in our commitment to offering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to our valued clients and partners in the region. This collaboration allows us to address solution gaps faced in protecting our customer’s online presence and provide protection against web defacement attacks.” Yong, Director, TechDirect

1. The WebOrion Security Stack for Next-gen Companies
Innovative companies are now getting more digital with stronger online presence for branding, marketing, transacting and other online engagements. They need the best security to protect their online presence against all kinds of cyber-attacks. The WebOrion Security Stack is a unique suite of cybersecurity solutions designed to protect businesses against defacement and a range of web security threats. Defacements can severely damage a brand’s reputation and customer trust. By partnering with TechDirect, WebOrion aims to extend the reach of this robust security solution that has been protecting customers across a wide range of industry including government, enterprises, banks and healthcare. This partnership enables all businesses around the region to have the capabilities to defend themselves against defacements and enhance their overall web security posture.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with TechDirect, marking a significant milestone in our dedication to offering a comprehensive range of web security solutions, complemented by TechDirect’s exceptional technical expertise. This collaboration represents a remarkable step forward in expanding our reach and coverage in the region.” Denny, VP Business Development, Cloudsine Pte Ltd.

2. TechDirect: Pioneering AWS Channel Partner Private Offers (CPPO):
TechDirect, a trusted IT solutions provider in the region, has become the first partner to offer AWS Channel Partner Private Offers (CPPO) for WebOrion. This achievement underscores their expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional cybersecurity solutions. As an AWS CPPO, TechDirect will leverage its position to provide businesses in the region with easy access to the WebOrion Security Stack. This partnership ensures that organizations can leverage cutting-edge technologies to safeguard their websites, prevent defacements, and mitigate web-based security risks effectively.

3. Enhancing Capabilities through Localization of Content:
TechDirect also extends the availability of WebOrion to the different countries through the localization of content. By adapting the solution to the regional context, TechDirect aims to help businesses in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia with an even more tailored and effective web security experience. This localization effort enables organizations to combat defacement and web-based threats specific to their region, ensuring a robust defence against attacks and maintaining a secure online presence.

“We are excited about the impactful partnership between WebOrion, TechDirect, and Truvisor. With TruVisor’s expertise in asset intelligence and security, we offer a comprehensive solution that enhances visibility, monitors anomalies, and enables rapid incident response for organizations’ physical and digital assets, networks, and endpoints. By integrating web defacement protection into our overall security stack, organizations can ensure integrity and availability of their web assets. This helps protect their online presence, maintain customer trust and prevent potential damage to their brand reputation.” Jonathan Juay, Executive Director, Truvisor.

4. TruVisor: A Strategic Collaboration for Greater Impact:
Working closely with TruVisor, a respected regional distributor, and TechDirect, WebOrion solidifies its mission to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape. By leveraging TruVisor’s industry knowledge and experience, WebOrion, TechDirect, and TruVisor combine forces to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that effectively address defacement and web security challenges. Together, they empower businesses to fortify their defences, proactively detect threats, and respond swiftly to potential web-based attacks.

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