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Covering the Spillover Effects of the Russian-Ukraine Cyberwar

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    Guidance to Harden Your Defenses

    We believe in having a holistic approach to securing your web identity. Having seen many customers get hacked and not being able to recover quickly, we want to change this with the 5 components in our Web Security Loop:



    Knowing your technology environment and is the first step to understanding your potential attack surfaces and forming a comprehensive threat model. This is achieved through thorough consistent system scans and auditing.



    Web Security has more recently centered on defending against web application attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injections that have become commonplace. Therefore, defense-in-depth must be implemented with the use of solutions such as Web-Application Firewall (WAF).



    Continuous monitoring and unauthorized access detection are the key components of every effective incident response plan and can be implemented with integrity checks and intrusion detection systems.



    Organizations need to prepare an effective incident response plan in preparation for the latest threat within the cybersecurity landscape. Timely response is paramount to mitigating the impact of attacks on organizations and deterring future incidents.



    A well-coordinated recovery workplan must be executed in the aftermath cyberattacks to restore organizations web presence and ensure site visitors of continued services. Along with the requirement for post-incident reviews, website security is best achieved when viewed as a continuous process of testing and improvement.

    How WebOrion Helps


    The WebOrion Suite equips organizations with an all-in-one package to effectively protect, monitor and restore their websites from defacements. WebOrion’s versatility enables its deployment in multiple forms as a virtual appliance for on-premises servers to cloud environments as a SaaS solution.


    Secure websites and web applications through seamless inspection and intelligent filtering with the WebOrion Protector. As a Web Application Firewall (WAF), the WebOrion Protector performs deep inspection of HTTP/HTTPS packets to prevent web-based attacks like SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.


    Continuously examine your websites and its elements from tampering and defacement with WebOrion Monitor, a tool that proactively monitors websites for defacement and unauthorized integrity changes. Its high-fidelity monitoring engines, coupled with its ability to provide real time alerts, assures customers of the security of their website.


    The WebOrion Restorer enables a swift restoration of a defaced website to ensure the integrity and presence of an organization on the web. Whether initialized automatically or via a one-click procedure, a secure replica of the original site replaces the defaced webpage to allow for back-end investigations in a straightforward and effortless manner.

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